Teen blackmailed me into having sex with her

March 27, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am a hard-working man. I work with a contractor, but when things are slow I operate a taxi. The police have never taken away my car, because I do it the legal way. I have red plates. People always accuse taxi drivers of being wild. Well, I am not a wild man. I have two children and I try my best to support them. I can tell you that the main reason women love taxi men is for money and sex. The girls don't care if you have other women. If you say to them that you have a million women, they will tell you that is not their business. They just want to know you have money to give them, and that you can 'function'.


I own my vehicle, so every week I put away money for the woman I am living with. She doesn't have to ask me for anything. Her money is safe. When things are really tight on the road, I tell the other women that I can't give them anything. If they fuss, I tell them that they can find other men and I wouldn't feel any way about it.

I have never told my woman at home that I can't find money for her to go to the supermarket. In any event, she helps herself. Right now she has three goats and about 25 chickens.

Last Christmas she plucked chickens and was able to buy gifts for the children and for me. We don't quarrel and fight. I am not going to lie to you, I have cheated on her, but she was not to be blamed for that.

My neighbour has a daughter and I tried to resist her. She said she loves me and I didn't need to worry. When I told her that she was too young for me, she told me that she was going to complain to my woman that I was taking her somewhere and I kept feeling up her legs. I have never done such a thing to this girl. She told me that I was too soft and that she has been dreaming about me. She did not just touch my leg this time, she touched my front and I kept saying to her, "No! No! No!" She threatened that she would bawl out. I know that where we were, people would believe that I was molesting her. So I reversed my car and parked it to the back of the premises and sex her.

When I stopped, she asked me if I was finished so soon. This girl was only 18 years old. I have not given her a ride in my car since that incident.

The girl is bad. She has made me afraid of her, but it will not happen again. It is not all the time taxi men want to be bad; some girls throw it in your face and threaten you at the same time. I couldn't take the chance and allow her to tell my children's mother that I raped her.


Dear M.,

Your letter reminds me of what a high-school student told me. She was living with her grandmother and at the same time was having an intimate relationship with a taxi man. Her grandmother became suspicious of her. This taxi man picked her up after school. They met in different locations and he had sex with her before taking her home. She, too, was about 17 years old. She didn't threaten to complain to her grandma; she was all for the relationship. She and the taxi man had sex regularly. He gave her money, so she was never broke.

After her grandmother suspected that she was having sex, she made it her duty to leave school early and go to wherever they plan to have sex. She carried on the relationship went on for a long time until she left her grandmother's house.

After leaving her grandmother's house, she found another man. This young woman blamed her mother for her actions. She told me her mother was bad and she was following the footsteps of her mother.

I am glad that the young woman you were involved with did not carry out the threats that she said she was going to do. I hope that you would marry your children's mother. Be very careful. You are quite correct, some girls throw themselves on men, but it is not all taxi men that are bad.

Try to be a good man and try to go to the doctor and see whether you are in good shape, because if a girl is throwing herself on different men, she can pass on STI to you. I wish you well.


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