Public transport children seat belt law scrapped

February 08, 2023

Faced with a massive backlash to aspects of the new Road Traffic Act, the Andrew Holness-led government yesterday scrapped the clause that mandated the use of child restraint systems in public passenger vehicles.

In making an announcement a week after the new law came into force, Transport Minister Audley Shaw said the intention was to protect children, as best as possible, from the effects of a collision. He, however, said that there are instances when "a compromise has to be made when the practical realities are taken into account".

Under the new Road Traffic Act, it is an offence to transport a child without the use of a restraint system, which carries a fine of $5,000. However, public transport operators protested the new law. Shaw yesterday said that new regulations which remove the child restraint systems mandate will be gazetted this week.

"The realities of our public passenger transportation system and how it operates will place an undue burden on parents whose children need to travel in public transportation, whether accompanied by an adult or not," the minister said.

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